Migrate WordPress Website

How to Migrate a WordPress Website with Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru provides the capacity to move, duplicate, or clone a WordPress site from one web host to another.

Migrate Guru is a free-to-use migration plugin that makes WordPress migrations quick, and easy. Moreover, since the plugin performs the migration process on our servers, it’s poses ZERO risk to your live site. This also ensures that the migration process doesn’t time out, no matter the size of your site.

How does it differ from other WordPress migration plugins?

Migrate Guru is different from other WordPress migration plugins because it uses a simple 1-step process that runs on BlogVault servers. It does not overload the source website and ensures that websites as large as 200 GB can be moved without any issues. The plugin automatically takes care of both serialized and base64 serialized string substitution.

This is a much more efficient way to migrate a website than taking the load on your own server.

Top Features

  • One-click Migration: Enter host details and click Migrate. Literally all you have to do is click! That’s it!
  • Zero overloads on source site: The migration process works on their servers, so it doesn’t crash your site.
  • Large site capacity: Move or transfer sites as large as 200 GB effortlessly. Large site migrations usually fail because of live-site server import limits. There are no limits here.
  • No storage space: Migrate Guru automatically copies your site to Migrate Guru servers. After the migration is complete, the copy is erased. Your privacy is retained, at no cost for their storage space.
  • Web host compatibility: Move your site to and from any web host.
  • 100% Automatic Built-in Search and Replace: Migrate Guru can easily handle serialized data with precise Search and Replace algorithms placed for your convenience.
  • Timely notifications: You will receive real-time email alerts to keep updated about the status of the migration taking place.

Here’s How it works

This is what happened when migrating a WordPress site from one server to another using Migrate Guru.

Before we start, we will need the below items:

  • cPanel details for your original site
  • A domain with the new web host, with WordPress installed on it
  • Your destination server’s IP address

Note: Using Migrate Guru does not require any technical expertise. You just need basic server details, which you can get from your web host.

Let’s begin!

Step 1 – Install Migrate Guru

First, add Migrate Guru WordPress Plugin:

  1. Go to Plugins and in that, click on Add New.
  2. Type in the name of the WordPress Plugin, Migrate Guru, or a related descriptive keyword, author, or tag in Search Plugins box.
  3. Click on the Install button when you find Migrate Guru.
  4. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the installation.
  5. If successful, click Activate Plugin.

Alternatively, you can download Migrate Guru from here and install it by uploading it through WordPress dashboard or via SFTP.

Step 2 – Filling Out The Migrate Guru Migration Form

To use Migrate Guru, you need to enter these details:

  • Email: Enter your email address so that Migrate Guru can send you updates at the two different stages of the migration.
  • Destination Site URL: This is the URL of the site (domain) you’ve set up on your new web host.
  • Destination Server IP address: This is the server IP address of the site configured on your web host account.

To find these details, follow the steps below. These instructions are for hosts that use cPanel, since this is the most popular. If your host uses something else, then the information will still be available but you may need to ask them where to find it.

  1. Log in to your web host account and go to the menu bar displayed at the top of the page.
  2. Click on Hosting and choose cPanel.
  3. You will find the destination server IP address in the left-hand bar of the cPanel page.Your cPanel details are the details you use to log into your web host account (or cPanel, if this is a separate login).

Enter your email address to receive notifications and details of your site migration.

Migrate Guru Migration

Select the web host you are transferring your web host to.


Then Migrate Guru plugin will give you a small form to fill up. The fields on this form are:

  1. Destination Site URL: This is the URL of the site (domain) you would have set up on your new web host.
  2. Destination Server IP address: This is the server IP address of the site configured on your web host account.
  3. Advanced Options: Click on this option ONLY if either the site being moved or the destination site is https:/ instead of https://.


If you do not know these details you can find them out easily:

  1. Log in to your web host account and go to the menu bar displayed at the top of the
  2. Click on Hosting and choose cPanel.
  3. The destination server IP address is on the left-hand side.
    bar of the cPanel page.
  4. For the cPanel username, access the mail your web host would have sent you when you first signed up for an account. The cPanel password is usually set when signing up for web host service. It is the same password you use to login to your regular web host account.
  5. If you want to use FTP, follow the same steps as above.

Note: If the URLs of either one begin with ‘https://’, they are HTTP authenticated. If your web host domain’s URL is protected with HTTP authentication, you would have received an email with the validation credentials. These credentials can also be retrieved from the site’s server logs.

Now that you have all the required details, enter them in the Migrate Guru form. If you have any more doubts there is a Support and Help section over to the right.

Step 3 – Click On Migrate. You Have Finished All The Steps Required To Migrate Your Website Successfully.


After you click the Migrate button, Migrate Guru will send you an email notification confirming that the process of migration has begun.

Migrate Guru will redirect you to a screen showing the real-time process of your website migration. You’ll find a link to this page in the email notification. Use the progress bars to watch the migration progressing.

You don’t need to keep your browser window open once the migration begins – it’s fine to close it.

Once the migration process is completed, Migrate Guru will send you another email – this time notifying you about the successful migration.

Click the Migrated Site button to view your new site. You’ll also find a link to the site in the email alert. which you’ll also receive a link to in your email alert. It’s as simple as that!

Problems with the migration

If you don’t see this screen, or if the migration screen reloads with an error message, then odds are that something wasn’t entered correctly. Go back through the directions above, and carefully make sure each field is correct, then retry. Or, if you just created your web site, it may take a little time before Migrate Guru can connect to it.

Bottom line

Since the migration happened on their servers, there were no crashes or performance issues. It kept all the settings I had specified and notified me via email when it was done.

You can get Migrate Guru from the WordPress plugin directory. If you have any queries, you can contact the Migrate Guru team – either by submitting a support request on wordpress.org or via their help desk.

Migrate Guru WordPress plugin is very useful and most have tool. It is wildly popular having over 500,000+ total migrations, 400,000+ sites migrated, 100,000+ hours saved, and a 99.99% success rate, with 0 risks! It is the obvious choice for anyone wanting to make the most out of their time, and you’ve got nothing to lose since it is free.