e-commerce development

E-Commerce Development

Did you know: “The average e-commerce site could increase its sales by an astonishing 79% with a usability redesign”

It's no secret that most successful companies have an eCommerce web site. With cut-throat competition in the Market, you cannot afford to survive without a good eCommerce website which is key competitive advantage... An effective eCommerce solution can help you improve your business and retain your valuable customers. Your eCommerce software platform must provide a safe, yet powerful catalyst for ongoing innovation, increasing customer value-add, and continuing competitive advantage.

At Tech Prime Web we specialize in delivering customized e-commerce solutions built to offer sales and customer centric results. We customize each e-commerce website to meet your business specific goals.  Below is a list of features in our e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Functionalities
Front-end Functionalities
  • Easy to use, guided, checkout process for optimized shopping experience for new and existing customers
  • Product Search, Sort, Categories, and Subcategories
  • Image Zoom & Multiple Images Per Product
  • Product Cross-selling or Up-selling
  • Shipping & Tax Calculation (based on merchant provided information)
Merchant Features
  • Comprehensive Order Management System
  • Comprehensive Product & Category Management System
  • E-mail Alert per Order
  • Detailed Sales Report with Graphical Illustrations
  • Printer Friendly Order Confirmation Page
  • Backend Order Fulfillment System
  • Sales Force Automation (CRM)
  • Customer Service Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Automation with Email marketing to clients (CRM)
  • Basic Inventory Management Solution
Customer Features
  • Printer Friendly Order Confirmation
  • E-mail Confirmation of Successful Order Placement
  • Secure Client Login to view order status, past orders, open customer service tickets, and accommodate easy checkout for revisiting customers.
  • E-mail alert upon entry of Shipment Tracking Information
Third-party Integration
  • Credit Card Payment Processing System supporting Authorize.net
  • UPS Live Shipping Price Information (if required)
  • SSL Certificate Installation
Supplier Features
  • Secure Supplier Login to view order information pertaining to their products
  • Supplier E-mail Order Alert pertaining to their products.
  • Supplier Order Fulfillment Engine
Sales Optimization
  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup
  • Lead Capture and Lead Funnel Tracking
  • Search Engine Friendly Product Indexing
Content Management
  • User Friendly Content Management System to update other non-shopping pages of the website

If you feel that your business is falling behind, or you're tired of hearing your customers complain, if your current business software solution lacks an eCommerce software interface, or if you simply need new eCommerce software solution, then Tech Prime Web can help. Contact us today for custom eCommerce software development services.

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