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We Specialize in Nonprofit Web Solutions

When a nonprofit organization decides to extend their organization to the Internet, they usually have some idea of what they want their website to communicate. However, the difficulty comes with knowing how to effectively present that idea to convey your message or effectively design the marketing message for your entity. The proper balance of text, images and graphics on a website design is crucial for nonprofits.

Tech Prime Web has experience on not-for-profit organizations - including community-based, associations, environment and local, state and federal government agencies. We aim to fulfill the needs of smaller organizations that need to communicate a professional image and require a customized solution without costing themselves a small fortune in the process. We strive to make our work sensitive to the specific requirements of smaller organizations, providing extra advice, information or even training where necessary.

Whether you’re a small community organization or an international force of change, our experienced team of in-house designers and strategists is prepared to create a digital presence that fits well with your needs and goals. Along the way, we’ll also be able to advise you on important topics like web accessibility, SEO for nonprofits, nonprofit fundraising tools, and general best practices that will allow you to make the most of your new look.

Why us?

  • We're familiar with not-for-profit
  • We work to your budget with cost effective solutions
  • We're friendly and ethical
  • We explain and train so YOU'RE in control of the technology, not the other way around
  • We give you attract designs and creative solutions

Our Nonprofit Web Solutions includes a variety of integrated online tools and services designed to meet the needs of non-profits. From non-profit website design and web publishing tools, web marketing, and more, we have everything a non-profit needs to maintain a professional website and start building capacity quickly and easily.

Whether you’re fighting for the planet or your community, we help you to multiply your impact.

Whether you’re in need of a fresh website, powerful new branding, a wider reach, or help sustaining your online home, Tech Prime Web’s nonprofit experts are ready to take your mission to new heights.

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