Cariera Theme Email Notifications

Cariera Theme and Job Manager – Email Notifications

Cariera is a professional oriented WordPress Theme based on WP Job Manager. It is a complete solution for both Employers and Candidates offering different job layouts, advanced stats, premium dashboard for each user role and advanced searching options. With this theme you won’t need any extra plugins, everything is included.

Email Notification Issues and Troubleshooting

When using Cariera Theme which includes WP Job Manager Plugins packages, you'll find settings and emails notifications kind of difficult to figure out. Below are some troubleshooting and solutions which addresses these issues.

(application area beneath (under) the listing)

You might want to apply and or change information under the Company Name section
(example: you can display a different email link other than the Admin beneath and under the Company name.

To edit “Job Listing” information (phone, email address, etc.) beneath / under the Company (Project) name:

Go to (Edit Company) Companies menu, “All Companies” and below under “Company Data” edit/add email and other info needed.

Note:  These changes / settings (emails addressees) would not receive email notification just and only for displaying email address link.


If you are not reviving emails notifications from the pop-up application feature but do receive email notification from the web-based applications (online resume submission included in the theme), the below addressees the issue.

To be able to receive resumes/applications from the pop-up application

Go to “Job Listings” (edit Job) then "All Jobs" and edit - under "Job Data" edit “Application email/URL:” field.

Note: It will send "trigger" email notification (pop-up application method) to the email address applied.  This will not change the Company Info Data beneath (under) Company name.

Hope this article resolves and addresses the Cariera Theme Email Notifications issue.